Flush Mount Ceiling Light Basics and Buying Guide

A flush mount ceiling light refers to a light fixture that is typically dome shaped and mounted flush to the ceiling. Compared to semi-flush mount ceiling light, the flush mount ceiling light fixture is less decorative and leaves only a little, or even no, gap between the base of the fixture and the ceiling surface. […]

Inspiring Kitchen Ceiling Lights Tips to Optimize the Illumination

Today, we will shade some tips to help you optimize your kitchen ceiling lights. As we all know, there are many kitchen ceiling lights ideas you can look up, especially when it comes to the choice of light fixture to install. When it comes to kitchen lighting, though, aesthetics isn’t the priority. Depending on how […]

Kids Ceiling Fans: General Facts and Information

Ceiling fans are still popular in use even though air conditioners now get even more sophisticated and energy saving at the same time. It is especially true in the South. With their reputation for being highly energy efficient and practical, it is actually not surprising seeing many homeowners still favor the fixture to cool their […]

What to Consider When Buying Chandelier Ceiling Fan

A chandelier ceiling fan kit is still a popular option among homeowners to circulate air and provide fresh air in the room. However, cooling the space isn’t what a chandelier ceiling fan light can do. It can also circulate the air to heat up the room, keeping it warm even during cold days. Even in […]

Beautiful Rustic Ceiling Fans and General Buying Guide

The rustic ceiling fans absolutely are a perfect match for you who want to accentuate the charm and appeal of rustic design style in the room. Whether it is the rustic ceiling fans with lights or without lights, matching the style of your ceiling fan can ensure that the fixture will never seem out of […]

Installing Decorative Ceiling Tiles for DIY Interior Update

The decorative ceiling tiles can always make an excellent choice for you who wish to update the interior of a room in your home. Remember how ceilings are often easily overlooked when it comes to interior decorating and design project. But once you pay enough attention, you absolutely can benefit from the totally awe-striking result […]

What You Need to Know from Bladeless Ceiling Fan by Exhale Fans

The bladeless ceiling fan is a brilliant revolutionary idea created by designer Nik Hiner and Richard Halsall, his business partner. The idea of the bladeless fan is to reinvent the standard, conventional counterpart. Together, Nik and Richard established Exhales Fans with Georgetown, Indiana as their base and began their project through their funding page in […]

Cheap and Easy Ceiling Light Covers Ideas Recommended for Renters

As a renter, you do not have many options when it comes to the details to make your living place feel modern and updated. While you may be limited in budget, your landlord probably does not allow you to undergo any major update to make your living space homey and reflect your personality. One of […]

Everything You Have to Know about LED Ceiling Lights

The LED ceiling lights are getting more and more popular to use due to their advantages. The LEDs are known for their usability and versatility as the bulbs can produce lights both in white and colors. If you are planning to use LEDs in your home, either as LED ceiling lights for kitchen or LED […]

Choosing the Right Door Closer and Various Types of Closer

While it is true that choosing the right door closer for your project is an essential task, it does not mean it must be a daunting one. Luckily, there are many product options and manufacturers in this regard available on the market, with wide array of door closer parts, including door closer hinge, to choose […]