5 Great Ceiling Designs Replacing the Conventional Flat Design

There are some elements that are influencing the aesthetic appeal of any interior design. Building the interior starts with presenting certain architecture design. Then, it is followed with the decision of flooring and ceiling designs. Painting, furnishing, and decorating are some other influencing things that come behind. Especially for the ceiling designs, stop thinking about conventional flat design for ceiling because you deserve to have more credits with better ceiling design ideas.

Best Ceiling Designs

Tray ceiling designs can be one of the most ceiling designs types that are recently applied. This design type is completed with a cut out design in the middle of the ceiling. In this cut out part, decorative hidden lamps are usually installed. Completing with additional pendant lamp or chandelier in the center will be a good idea. The cut out part also determines where you need to add the home furniture. If you have this type of ceiling in your dining room, then you need to position the dining table and chairs right under it.

Vaulted ceiling designs can be a nice solution for small home. It is the development of double height ceiling. It serves you with the feeling of larger space. However, the difference is that this ceiling type is completed with two slopes. In general, the slopes are in accordance to the roof design. This design offers sleek look and will be perfect if some skylights are added to work with the ceiling lights. Domed ceiling has similar design to the vaulted ceiling. The difference is on this ceiling is with dome-shaped extension.

Coffered ceiling designs seem to be perfect to build elegant interior. The designs present aesthetical rectangular or square panels. They create surprising decoration for the interior although there are no more decorative items displayed. Indeed, coffered ceiling is designed to create simple character of a room without too much decorative items. The bold character of this ceiling is chandelier that defines the room and some recessed lights installed on ceiling.

Similar to coffered ceiling, exposed beams ceiling designs look also attractive. Exposed beams ceiling presents some bold beams which are commonly made of wood. The beams are structured to create rectilinear lines. Without adding and displaying decorative items, the exposed beams already decorate the room. This idea is usually applied when adding rustic touch is necessary. The room can be with a single beam or more beams. Sometimes, pipe is also employed for the alternative. Exposed pipes are suitable to improve the interior with industrial touch.


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