Antique and Cheap Roll Top Desk

Having an antique desk will be expensive. This is what’s in the common people’s mind when talking about antique furniture or desk. Antique furniture has its own uniqueness because of the old age of the design. An antique design will look outstanding among contemporary design of today because it will have a lot of accents and decoration in the desk. Roll Top Desk is one of antique designs of a desk which have been made in the Victorian era around 19th Century.

Antique Roll Top Desk

The emerging design of Roll Top Desk comes during Victorian era. The design of this desk comes after redesigning the concept of pedestal desk. The craftsmen made improvement to make the roll top design of desk by adding new features such as compartments, drawers, shelves, and nooks. These features are located in front of user to make the user feel easier to find what they keep in the desk. The distinct feature of this desk differentiates this desk from the other antique desk. It is the desk which consists of connected wood planks that can be rolled or slid in the raised sides.

Antique roll top desk can be good furniture as well as decoration for your house. You could put Roll Top Desk not only in working room but you could put it inside your bedroom or in the living room as the decoration or as the storage place to store your things. The antique design of this furniture can be a good point to make your room look more appealing and beautiful. The grand design of this furniture is suitable for any rooms concepts especially room with Victorian or traditional look.

Roll Top Desk is made by many kinds of wood such as oak, pine or walnut. Each of the wood has its own characteristics that appear to be beautiful and unique. Dark brown, light brown, and black are the most common colors for this desk. You could get this desk not in a high price instead you could find this desk with discount price. Roll top desk for sale starts from $600 until more than $1000. The price depends on the conditions and the age of the desk.

Roll Top Desk has some different varieties of size from small until medium size. You could have this desk for both small and big house. You could find this desk in antique market or other antique shop. This desk can be a good thing to set up an ambience for room design that has a concept of 19th or 20th century of room design.


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