Apothecary Cabinet in Your Kitchen or Bathroom: Why Not?

The word apothecary might be unfamiliar to some people. What is that actually? Well, apothecary is a pharmacist or at least the term is different but the meaning is quite the same. So, it means that it is a person who sells drugs, especially in British and Ireland. Many centuries ago, apothecaries used apothecary cabinet to store their drugs in its apothecary drawer cabinet. It was started when there were mass productions of drugs, so the medicine must be put in the safe certain place.

Not only in British and Ireland, apothecary cabinet was also used in China. It was called yaochu at that time as the medicine cabinet or a hundred-eye cabinet, they named it. As common cabinets of apothecary, it had so many pull-out drawers that were used to store their herbs. To remember where they put this herb and that herb, the apothecaries labeled each drawer with the name of the herbs.

Apothecary Cabinet in Your Kitchen or Dining Room

Nowadays, besides being functional, apothecary cabinet has become decorative. There are several people used this special and unique cabinet put in their rooms as a decoration or as a means of storing their stuff, such as CD-player, accessories, etc. for example, you can have it in your kitchen. What can you do with it? Well, when you have it, you can store your utensils in the numerous drawers it has. The model of this cabinet is various. For your kitchen, you can choose old-fashioned, country style, or even apothecary cabinet vintage. If you think that it’s quite not safe putting this cabinet in the kitchen since there would be much grease from the air, you can put it in the dining room instead.

Who says that an apothecary cabinet cannot be the furniture put in your bedroom? Besides having nightstand and dressers in it, you can use this kind of cabinet, too. It can be functional or even decorative. This can function as the storage for your small items such as socks, accessories, undergarments, etc. you can make it as makeshift vanity and add a mirror above it. You can put it beside the bed to place a small lamp on it and place your stuff such as books, diary, phone accessories, even medicine or other things you might need when you’re sleeping or want to sleep.

The last is apothecary cabinet placed in you studying room. As mentioned before, you can put pencils, pens, books, paperclips, staples, and important files if the drawers are large. To make it more adorable, you might look for an apothecary cabinet antique to complete your comfortable studying activity.


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