Awesomely Stylish Reception Desk Designs

It is obvious that reception desk is most likely the first thing visitors see when they enter a commercial building or place, such as salon, office, and hotel. The reception desk design in reception area is where they are greeted and can say a lot about the overall establishment in general. In general, reception desk ideas ideally should be interesting and look friendly. However, it does not mean you cannot go for uniquely creative and stylish desk designs, just like what you will see today.

Wood unquestionably has become one of the popular materials for furniture, including for reception desk. While you can make a statement with clean-lined and streamlined modern desk with natural exposed wooden texture seen, you can still get a whole different look by going creative. For example, what about a desk made with a stack of timber beams with built-in planters for stylishly unique look? Even in a modern interior, bringing nature indoors is never a bad idea, right?

And speaking of bringing nature indoors, what about letting a touch of rustic appeal complementing the space? Try the totally awesome wooden block reception desk that allows cracks between each wood piece seen so the lights emitted by fixture installed on the interior part of the desk can be seen from the reception area! This is a totally cool desk design you absolutely should not miss, especially if you consider letting the rustic wood texture exposed clearly and beautifully.

But if you prefer the more modern appeal without having to sacrifice the charm and appeal of natural wood element, you can still make it possible, though. What about a modern wood reception desk with wooden blocks in various sizes covering the exterior? With the table maintains the clean and sharp lines, in addition to streamlined detailing, to accentuate the modern look and design style, the table will uniquely remind you of a rubric cube. Interesting, isn’t it? You can also add sophistication by mounting thick glass to protect the wood desk top surface.

However, wood is not the only material you can exploit to create unique and attractive reception desk. Try concrete desk to give a hint of chic and sophisticated style into industrial feel. In fact, with concrete desk, you can also pursue the unique desk shape! Alternately, what about stacking old suitcases underneath a desk to create a vintage chic look as guests are welcomed?


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