Bay Window Design and Prices

Bay Window is a beautiful design of window that could project outward view from the main house walls. This window forms a bay inside the room with a wide range of view. This window is firstly used in old era such as in the baroque, Victorian, gothic, and medieval time. If you have this type of window in your house, you should have a wide wall in the main entrance of the house. Having this window will be a privilege because you could see a great view from the inside.

Bay Window Design Ideas

Bay Window comes with different angles. The standard angles for this window are 90, 135 and 150 degree. These varieties of the angles can be chosen based on the size of the wall that you provide. The original design of this window has been used since a long time ago and still become a favorite window design to decorate a house.

Bay window ideas vary. You could choose some types of Bay Window such as polygonal and square. These two types are the most common types for this window. But if you choose curved style it will be called as bow window. If you want to have a beautiful architectural design, this window is the best solution. You could create a good design of window for your house.

Famous design ideas of this window called oriel design. Oriel Bay Window design will project from the upper layer and it is supported by brackets or corbel. This window becomes a favorite because of its form. Oriel window is commonly made using wood. This window allows you to see outdoor view while the people from the outside cannot see inside the house. If you want to have this oriel window, you could afford to buy this window start from $1200 for the standard design up to $3000. This price is only the price of the window. The Bay window prices depend on the size and the materials that are used to create the window frame.

If you think about something to give an attractive and beautiful view inside the house, this style of window can be the best options. From this window, you could get both the function and the esthetic side of the window design. Bay Window will make your house look beautiful and provide a great view from the inside while your privacy is protected by blocking the view from the outside.


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