Beautiful Farmhouse Table and Picking the Right Chairs to Match

A farmhouse table is considerably as one of the hardest working furniture pieces you will ever find. Match a farmhouse table with bench and you can create a dining area. A set of farmhouse table and chairs can make a double-duty area you can use to work as well. Typical American farm tables generally have planks that run from end to end, in addition to straight legs. Sometimes, there is a shelf installed underneath. Reclaimed boards are common choice of material.

Many homeowners love farmhouse table as it has rustic look yet without too shabby appeal. Farmhouse style table even can work really well with just about any type of seating, starting from rusty industrial tools, benches, French aluminum cafe chairs, and even upholstered loveseat. This way, homeowners can always find a configuration the like the most. Even in modern design, farm table can always find its way to shine. Here are some recommended chairs that can sit really well with your farm table!

Create the totally cozy feel in your dining area by pairing your farmhouse table with a series of oversized indoor wicker chairs. Accentuate the look and feel by throwing pillows in the oversize chairs. And a farm dining table is never complete with a banquette, right? Well, see how the cushioned wicker banquette can make a significant impact! You don’t need to go overboard with the pillows, as one covered in white linen are already sufficient to create the comfortable look.

However, it is never a bad idea to add a splash of color to make your dining area with farmhouse table more inviting. Repaint the dining chairs and see how fresh coat of new paint color can make a significant difference. To make the overall look more fun, try using different paint colors for each chair, only if you exploit dining chairs in one design style. But if you want to make one paint color rocks, consider using different chair styles.

Lend the farmhouse table a stylish retro and industrial vibe to complement the dining area. Emeco chairs can do this work greatly. You can even take this advantage to drag a farm table in your modern room for a surprising yet stunning punch. Alternatively, what about Tolix chairs to match your farmhouse dining table? Consider ones with a touch of black in a neutral colored room for a stylish splash without having you overusing white.


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