Beautiful Rustic Ceiling Fans and General Buying Guide

The rustic ceiling fans absolutely are a perfect match for you who want to accentuate the charm and appeal of rustic design style in the room. Whether it is the rustic ceiling fans with lights or without lights, matching the style of your ceiling fan can ensure that the fixture will never seem out of place when it is installed in your cozy, warm, and inviting rustic room, such as living room or bedroom.

When you are considering rustic ceiling fans to buy, consider the finishes to ensure the fixture can match and feature the right feel and look. You can take a cue from any existing finishes already present in your house. For instance, if the cabinet hardware and door handles are all already in brushed nickel, install a ceiling fan with a complementary finish. Antique bronze, oil-rubbed bronze, matte black and polished pewter are also among popular finish options when it comes to ceiling fans.

Looks aside, it is always important to ensure that your rustic ceiling fans to be optimized so you can get the most out of its use. This means choosing the right ceiling fan size which depends greatly on the size of the room. It is to provide optimum air circulation for the comfort of you and your family. You can take a cue from the recommendations for diameter of ceiling fan provided by Energy Star as your guide. And don’t forget to get the ceiling height right so you can decide which mounting option that works best in your room.

Down-rod mount rustic ceiling fans are perfect for rooms with height ceilings, which are typically 8 feet or even higher. If you plan to install the ceiling fan in a room with high ceilings, check the packaging to see if there is downrod included. Check the size too. Remember that if your room has even taller ceilings, you may require a longer downrod than the package already provides.

But if the room where the rustic ceiling fans is planned to be installed as low ceilings, flush mounting option will always suffice. The rustic ceiling fans flush mount perfect for rooms where a low profile is required or wanted. They are installed by mounting the ceiling fan flushed to the ceiling and there is no any extra attachment included. Therefore, they can take up less space overhead, preventing the room from looking cramped at the same time.


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