Get to Know Papasan Chair

A papasan chair is also renowned as a bowl chair, referring to a large rounded chair in bowl shape with an adjustable angle that is similar to one of a futon. Usually, the bowl sits in an upright frame that is traditionally made of rattan. Even so, wood or sturdy wicker frame for papasan chair […]

Tips to Selecting the Right Office Chair

The ideal office chair should be both comfortable and ergonomic. It is important for you who spend at least 40 hours a week sitting in front of your office desk to work. Ergonomic office desk chair will help you improve your work life while promoting healthier life as a whole as well. Ergonomic chair will […]

Massage Chair Buying Tips

Are you currently on the market for new massage chair? Well, having one at home absolutely is a relief so you can relax in total comfort, whether you simply want to lounge by watching TV, having a nice chat with friends who come visiting, or reading. Today, we will share some great tips to help […]

Fixing Your Zero Gravity Chair

When you need to fix your zero gravity chair, there are various processes depending on the problem and the chair model itself, such as zero gravity chair recliner and non-recliner. In the end, with the chairs designed as durable outdoor furniture pieces that get plenty of use, weather can always take its toll on them […]

Easy DIY Bungee Chair Tutorial

A bungee chair can replace the traditional backrest and seat design. The rows of bungee cords create a seating surface to gently flex for comfort. From bungee chair review, you can read if the comfort is due to the ability of the chair to automatically from to the body of the chair user, yet you […]

Reupholstering Wingback Chair Tips for Beginners

Despite the retro and traditional look of wingback chair, it is still a popular choice of accent chair due to its timeless beauty and charm. Aesthetics aside, this accent chair style is also comfortable to sit on as well. The wingback chair covers to upholster the chair is one of the most notable characteristic of […]

Your Guide to Buying Beach Chair

We do not know about you, but we are ready to hit the beach and get our skin tanned while enjoying the fun time playing with sand and water. And when it comes to enjoying a trip to sunny beach, a comfortable beach chair absolutely is a must to carry. Whether you want to buy […]

Club Chair for Totally Comfortable Seating Area

The club chair is one of popular accent chair types homeowners often use to create a totally comfortable seating zone in their living room. A pair of club chairs is often arranged flanking a living room sofa or placed on the opposite, depending on the living room size and shape, as well as personal preference. […]

Poang Chair for Your Comfort and Convenience

When you want to really enjoy your leisure time in your house by reading books or watching TV, you must need a comfortable chair that can help you relax. There are many relaxation chairs out there, but most of them are expensive especially the massage chair. You can have another alternative by purchasing the poang […]

Meditation Chair for the Best Healing

Some of you who like to meditate as a form of healing and relaxation must have a certain space in your house to have a meditation. Having a space is a must and you might think to have a good meditation chair for you who want to do a meditation. It’s not only a matter […]