Charming Master Bedroom and Dining with Colorful Tray Ceiling

Trying to decorate your tray ceiling? You’re visiting the right place. We would please to help you decorate your room with tray ceiling design flawlessly. It is important to decorate our ceiling since it is considered as the extra wall of a room. If the ceiling looks awful, the entire walls will look terrible too. So it is important to decorate the ceiling with the right colors and make the ceiling looks dramatic. To make our ceiling looks interesting; we must adjust its color and match it with the color of our walls.

Color some recessed areas of our tray ceiling with color that we use on our walls. This idea sounds really simple, but this will add eye catching and bold effect to your ceiling especially if the color we spread on the tray’s recessed areas is dark and it meets the white colored crown molding. We can also use the wall color to paint tray ceiling master bedroom, this makes the room looks cozy. But since this makes the ceiling looks lower, ceiling of small bedroom shouldn’t have the same color like the wall’s color.

Adding Monochromatic Shades and Accent Colors to Tray Ceiling

The other simple way to decorate a tray ceiling is painting the ceiling with a color shade that’s darker or lighter than our wall color. For example if your wall color is navy blue, paint the ceiling with baby blue or pastel blue. Just make sure the color you pick for the ceiling is only one hade darker or lighter than the color you have spread on the walls. But if you’re not sure about the exact wall color, just repaint those walls and choose an ideal color for the ceiling.

Or, instead of painting the tray ceiling with a color that looks similar to the walls, try to paint the ceiling with the same color of the accessories you have placed in the room. Paint your ceiling with the color of your cushions or curtains or area rugs or bedding. This makes your ceiling looks adorable and the room looks awesome. Since most tray ceilings are found in master bedroom and dining room, the ceiling must have dramatic color that fits the room flawlessly.

So, are you ready to paint your tray ceiling and make your special room looks more stunning? Try one of the ideas we shared above and your room with tray ceiling will look cool. Stay tuned and find much more inspiring tips, guides, ideas, and inspirations in the upcoming articles.


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