Cheap and Easy Ceiling Light Covers Ideas Recommended for Renters

As a renter, you do not have many options when it comes to the details to make your living place feel modern and updated. While you may be limited in budget, your landlord probably does not allow you to undergo any major update to make your living space homey and reflect your personality. One of the biggest issues among renters is the ugly ceiling lights they aren’t allowed to replace. But luckily, there are many cheap and simple ceiling light covers ideas to fix the problem without causing the wrath of the landlord.

Your solution can be as simple as hanging a decorative fabric or scarf over the ugh-not-so-appealing ceiling light fixture. One of ceiling light covers here can lend the soft appearance produced by the light as it shines through your space. One of ceiling light covers DIY here is absolutely cheap and simple, even if you are not an experienced DIYer. Simply use small nails or tacks to hang the sheet of fabric. But remember to be sure the fabric doesn’t hang too close as it can thus be heated up.

Speaking of hanging a decorative fabric, you can also benefit from the wide array of colors and patterns you can use to introduce pop of color in the room. You can optimize the result by painting the room in neutrals, especially white—just be sure you have gained permission from the landlord first, even though painting the interior in white doesn’t often cause any fuss and cuss. And if you aren’t really into colors, consider adding a bit of lace trimming as an alternative to ceiling light covers.

A plastic basket can also make a great alternative to ceiling light covers. Use one with a cutout design or unique color you think can complement the space. Cut off the basket handles with a box cutter and the cut and “X” shape to the center of the bottom of the basket. The next step is to slide the opening right over your lighting fixture—remove any panels or glass dome if necessary—and… voila!

For the light fixture that is recessed into the ceiling or small enough, using lampshade as ceiling light covers can work really well. If the replacement ceiling light covers are less likely possible to use, you can consider using a quartet of magnets to help keeping the shade hung from your ceiling. If necessary, use removable adhesive too.


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