Choosing Colors for Exterior Window Shutters

There are many ways you can do to change the look of your home exterior, even without having you to break the bank for a large scale home remodeling project. And if you have exterior window shutters installed to your exterior, you definitely know how they can make a significant difference. And it is not only a matter of what exterior window shutters designs to choose or if you should install exterior window shutters wood or vinyl. In fact, simply repainting the shutters may suffice.

However, since it is to improve the curb appeal of your home exterior, choosing the right paint color to update your exterior window shutters absolutely is a must. There are some tips to help you pick the right color and we will briefly explain them one by one. First, start from the exterior color palette of your home. Spare enough time to assess your home exterior at different times of a day to see how the color varies in different light. Take photos at different times to help memorizing easier.

The color of your window trim is also an important consideration to take into account. It is especially true as the exterior window shutters and trim bump up against each other. Therefore homeowners always tend to pick a same color so they may appear like a single piece. Alternately, consider using a color that complements the window trim rather than matches it. Avoid color that clashes; otherwise, your home may appear garish and gaudy instead.

Speaking of choosing complementary colors for exterior window shutters, here are some ways you can do. To create a subtle look, stick with the same single color family but exclude black or white as they will go well with any color palette. If you have a dark colored exterior, pick one for your window shutters in a few shades lighter. On the other hand, lighter exterior scheme can find the choice of window shutters that are a few darker than the exterior color a suitable choice.

You may want to add a bold statement by repainting your exterior window shutters. Well, it is even a totally simple yet exciting way to add dramatic update instantly. Try using dark or bright paint colors for your window shutters if your home exterior is painted in a light color. You can use red, forest green, or charcoal gray to add a bright and punchy pop of color with paler hues as a backdrop.


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