Choosing the Right Door Closer and Various Types of Closer

While it is true that choosing the right door closer for your project is an essential task, it does not mean it must be a daunting one. Luckily, there are many product options and manufacturers in this regard available on the market, with wide array of door closer parts, including door closer hinge, to choose from. Just keep in mind that your best closer is ideally the one that fits your entrance perfectly, controls the door adequately, and complies with the local and federal building regulations.

There are actually various types of door closer you can find on the market. Even so, the most common types in the market today are overhead concealed, surface mounted, and floor mounted concealed. There are some important factors to consider when you choose the right type, including type and location of door opening, choice between exterior or interior mounting, door type, frequency and volume of door traffic, weight and size of door, wind or building pressure conditions, and door swing.

Surface mounted door closer is the most commonly used one as it offers a wide array of options features you cannot find on other closer types. Typically, this closer type is available in 4 variations: regular arm surface mounted, top jamb mounted, parallel arm surface mounted, and slide-track arm. This option is typically used for aluminum storefront doors and is best to use for low-to-medium traffic entrances. Surface mounted closer is relatively easy to install and highly economical.

Overhead concealed door closer, on the other hand, is most appropriate to use in area with medium to heavy traffic. This closer type is typically installed inside the headers of storefront frames and doors, thus allowing the closet stay hidden from sight. The overhead concealed closer can also be positioned in offset arm or center hung positions with wide, medium, or narrow stile doors.

Last but not least, we have the floor mounted closer option. This door closer type is known for being the most durable and longest lasting option. Therefore, if you wish to install one for spots with high to extreme traffic or with heavy doors, the floor mounted closer option can make an appropriate solution. It is often easily adjusted and fare really well in conjunction with substantial, wide, or tall storefront doors, especially those that are made of heavy or insulating glass. This closer type, along with overhead concealed, is best option if you use patch-fitted doors or all-glass rail.


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