Choosing the Right Type of Window Treatments

Today, we will help you go through the dilemmas of choosing the right type of window treatments to install in your room. There are many window treatments ideas and designs you can find, which can make it overwhelming if you have any single clue about what’s good for what and how one type is more suitable for certain use than another. Luckily, we have prepared a brief guide to relieve you from the stress. Here it is!

The choice of window treatments for living room, where privacy isn’t a biggest concern, usually is determined by the number of windows installed. In the end, your living room will always need natural light to brighten the space. Consider hanging semi-sheer window treatments for your living room, which can still manage to provide subtle privacy even as it’s lowered. Choose the thickness of the fabric depending on the amount of light you wish in the room.

However, for rooms where privacy becomes a great concern, the right choice of window treatments matters. For bedrooms located on the first floor, more privacy is often required than those located on the second floor. To deal with this issue, consider hanging floor to ceiling drapery that can still allow natural light entering the room while providing privacy required. Even when it is closed, the entire wall of fabric can still allow lights in. Alternately, install window shutters, especially for guest rooms. They can block out all light if the occupants need to rest even after the sun comes up.

Bathroom is absolutely a room where privacy matters. If your bathroom is on first floor, we recommend you installing cellular shades. This type of window treatments can still allow you to walk around the bath without having to worry if you’re about to be seen while maintaining a lot of natural light entering the room.

Your choice of window treatments for nursery is not only a matter of which color to match the cute and lovely interior, but also how to help the baby sleeps. Blackout curtains are highly recommended for nursery window treatment as they can get the baby to sleep even in the middle of the day. Blackout lining with its extremely dense fabric to block the light can be optimized by installing floor to ceiling style. This will create the absolute darkness, especially if you install them 18 inches past every side of the window.


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