Choosing the Right Window Blinds to Install

The window blinds in general refer to a hard window treatment type that is constructed from vanes or slates. The slats or vanes are later adjusted by a wand, remote control, or a manual pull cord. This kind of window treatment is brilliantly adjustable. The slats can stay closed tightly for light control for privacy, or tilt open for just the amount of natural light you desire entering the room. When the blinds are pulled up, stacked at the top of your window, they create an unobstructed view.

When you are choosing the right window blinds, the width of the slat is your first decision. One of window blinds parts here typically comes in 1/2 inch, 1 inch, or 2 inch size. The 1/2-inch window blinds sizes version is the most popular choice, especially to give a more contemporary look and feel. The 1-inch slat takes less labor to manufacture, thus it is a less expensive option. The 2-inch slat is recommended if you want to pursue the old-world or old-fashioned look as it can recall you to the look of Venetian blinds.

Generally, window blinds can be arranged both horizontally and vertically. Vertical blinds are more suitable for wide window expanses and glass sliding doors as they stack off to the side instead of at the top of the window. But you may want to avoid using aluminum vertical blind in your home as it can create a more commercial look, even though it works well in a more modern setting.

If you concern about the choice of color for your window blinds, you can always stick with neutrals that will never be out of date. Consider if you plan to never change the color scheme of the room as well. If you do not mind having the blinds showing color that is more prominent visually than your window, then don’t hesitate to pick a color. You should never worry too much as your blinds rarely are a determining factor in the interior palette of the room.

Last but not least, don’t forget about the price. And just like any other products, you get exactly what you have paid for. Inexpensive window blinds may appear like a best-deal choice, but you will need to check if they are imported from a country that controls lead content in the products or not. The bottom line is not to be too stingy when you have to spend money when purchasing blinds. Make your decisions wisely is what you need to do.


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