Clean Your Glass Coffee Table Properly

A glass coffee table is always one of popular choices among homeowners to give an instant update to their living room. Placing glass coffee table top will not weigh down a room, especially since its light-reflective surface can brighten any space. To maintain the stylish look, it is always important to clean your glass coffee table sets properly. Here are some tips to help you cleaning your coffee table properly. Check them out.

In general, here are the things you need to clean your glass coffee table: Water, vinegar, glass cleaner, a squirt bottle or a bucket, clean and dry cloth, and old newspaper. First of all, always clean everything off the glass tabletop. Set the clutter aside so you are ensured the glass top is as clean as possible. Then wipe the tabletop with a clean and dry cloth. Get rid of any dust, spilled salt, and other non-sticky materials before you get the table wet.

When you’re done, spray a glass cleaner or water on the top of your glass coffee table. Remember that some cleaning products leave streaks on glass, therefore use only one made specifically for glass. Alternately, opt for plain hot water which works as efficiently as glass cleaner. Aside from spraying the cleaner solution, you can use a clean cloth dipped into a bucket filled with your choice of cleaner or water. Then wipe the table dry. Grab old newspaper if you find dust or lint sticking to the table. Crumple the newspaper page into a ball and use it as you use a cloth. Scrub the spots and repeatedly wipe until dry.

If you find the table is still dirty after cleaning the top of glass coffee table with glass cleaner or water, move on to chemicals. Avoid harsh chemicals often found in commercial cleaners, though. For affordable solution, try the homemade remedies made from a mix of water and vinegar, one part of each. Sprinkle or spray the homemade solution on your glass table top, and then wipe it clean with an old newspaper.

Last but not least, add shine to your glass coffee table. Make buffing using a fresh piece of newspaper. This will make sure that any kind of fluff is already removed from your coffee table top. It can make the glass sparkling too. Well, we all know that glass tabletop can be quite challenging to clean, but it should not ever stop you from trying. And don’t you think it is actually an easy job?


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