Club Chair for Totally Comfortable Seating Area

The club chair is one of popular accent chair types homeowners often use to create a totally comfortable seating zone in their living room. A pair of club chairs is often arranged flanking a living room sofa or placed on the opposite, depending on the living room size and shape, as well as personal preference. The cozy club chair with ottoman is common, but it is not always so. The club chair slipcovers also vary, depending on the style of the room to create a unity in design.

In general, club chair is always upholstered. The comfortable feel and look homeowners always want are created by the layers of padding and cushion. Fabric upholstery is ideal for you who want to use a breathable material to cove the chair. Separate cushions for the seat of the back are also common in club chairs. On the other hand, the cushions may be tight and attached to the frame of the chair. Leather upholstered club chairs have the more masculine look with timeless appeal and charm. Whether you desire genuine leather or faux one, there is always an option for you. The leather upholstered chairs may have tight or loose cushions just like its fabric upholstered counterparts. Chairs that are covered in leather tend to get more comfortable over time.

Your buying decision when shopping for club chair may be determined by design style. Generally, there are 2 main styles: Traditional and modern. A traditional chair style usually will have rounded arms, curved or carved feet, and generous proportions. Details such as nail head trim and tufting are also common in traditional style club chairs. On the other hand, there are modern club chairs that generally have more angular lines as well as straight arms and sides. Many retro-style chairs are found under this category, cuing from the mid-century modern design style.

When you are shopping for club chair, here are some important considerations. They will provide you a useful hint of what chair will fit best in your living room. Consider the common sights and how you want to arrange your living room seating area. Club chairs can work well in pairs and the cozy feel and look will make them perfect to flank a fireplace.

The generous proportions of club chair tend making the chair taking up a lot of space. Thus, always be sure you have enough space available in the room for the cushioned back, deep seat, and supportive arms. More square footage to consume is expected if the chair comes with ottoman.


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