Colored Toilet Paper and Why It Went to Extinct

Today, whenever we go to the toilet, clean white toilet paper is what we see. But do you know that there was the time once colored toilet paper added life in a fun way to every toilet in the United States? During the 1950’s to 1970’s, colorful toilet paper was not an unusual sight in any bathroom. There were many color options available, including pink, yellow, blue, tan, lilac, and even black. Many homeowners even loved matching the color of the toilet paper to the color of the bathroom.

And now, what happened to colored toilet paper? That is probably the main question popping in your mind right now. Yes, where did all the colored toilet paper go? There are two factors that are most likely the cause why colorful toilet paper went to extinction. First is this question: Is colored toilet paper safe? Many doctors warned that colorful toilet paper could lead to skin irritation. And it did not really matter how pretty and cute the toilet paper with all of those colors looked are, nobody absolutely wanted to deal with that issue!

In 1987, the FDA or Food and Drug Administration, banned the use of certain smells and colors in pharmaceutical industry, including colored toilet paper. The health issues, along with the warnings by doctors, hurt the sales, leading the colorful toilet paper was completely swept away from the markets. There are several potential serious health diseases which might arise, following the testing on animals performed to proof the harm of colorful toilet paper on human.

The health issues associated with the use of colored toilet paper include urinal infections, cervix cancer, rectal problems, and fungal infections. Those were belief as the damages related to health problem from the use of colorful toilet paper, including the scented one. In some cases, it was also believed that the use of colorful toilet paper might disable the person from noticing symptoms whenever some disease occurred.

Another major concern from the use of colored toilet paper is environmental dangers. Some producers used chlorine that discharged dangerous toxins, causing various health problems while polluting water and nature at the same time. Therefore, with the decrease in sales and the more cost of production to spend, following the warnings and bans from authorities, it is not surprising that many producers decided to stop producing colorful toilet paper in the end. With advancement in technology, will colorful toilet paper ever come back? We’ll see.


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