Cool Bookshelves That You Might Know for the First Time

Have you ever known before that there are some people who decorate and even make their own bookshelf that is very different and unique? They do not decorate the bookshelf just the way most bookshelves are, but they make it very different. However, their uniqueness never decreases the reading and studying activities they have. Here some cool bookshelves you must know. Maybe after seeing these, you will be inspired and want to have them, too!

It is a mathematic bookshelf. If you are a mathematic, math’s student, or interested in math, you have to own this kind of creative bookshelves. It is the bookshelf that has shape of Marcos Breeder’s mathematic symbol. Usually, it is applied on the wall. The next bookshelf that is included in cool bookshelves is the bookshelf that has your own name as the shape. This idea comes from Da-Eun Song. She makes the bookshelf with her own name so that it looks so original and unique. Moreover, it is only you who have it.

The next is a bookshelf that is designed by Stanislav Katz. He combines the concept of a bookshelf with recliner. The recliner is in the middle of the bookshelves. In the recliner, there is a pillow. So, you can lay there while reading. If you have a large room, and you want to fill it with things, maybe you should try to make round cool bookshelves. Rather having the most common bookshelves with square shape, round is unique. You can buy or make it by drums.

These are awesome shelves! It is called magnetic shelves. You can put magnet at the back of the book cases and the iron plate with board on the wall, and then the cases can be moved everywhere. The next cool bookshelves are the bookshelves that are hung on the wall. Why it can be? Well, simple, there are serrated aluminum plates that are used to tuck the books. The next is rainbow bookshelves. It is not the books that make the shelf look colorful, but this kind of shelf has gap to place the colorful lamps.

The next incredible bookshelves are hung bookshelves. You can make it from iron plates that are designed in a curve design. Unfortunately, if you have many books, it means that you have to have a lot of curved iron plates, too. The last cool bookshelves are the bookshelves on the ceilings of the room. You can make use of the ceilings of your room if you do not have large room. So, have you got any inspirations?


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