Decorate and Change Your Ordinary White Bookshelves

Decorating something might be seen as something difficult. Moreover, if you have done it for ties and you feel bored of decorating to the same ideas. Here, decorating your bookshelves is needed. Maybe you have more and more books, so you need to decorate it. Or, all the bookshelves you have are white and you don’t like it since it is easy to get dirty. Well, here are some tips in decorating your white bookshelves to the adorable and different style of bookshelves.

If your white bookshelves are open bookcases, you might put only all the books in there, right? Well, it might be a bookshelf, but to make the nuance unique and different, you can put your small things there. For example, flower vase, your small dolls, your jar glass, or something unique that is colorful. The second is about the color. White is boring for some people. You can paint it with the color you love best. Alternatively, you can combine the colors. If you have an open bookcase, paint each case with different colors. For instance, there are 12 cases then choose three or four colors. The color for the case on the top left will be pink, and then to the right, it is yellow, green, red, and back to pink again. Mix and match the color to make your reading and studying activity more comfortable.

A next tip for white bookshelves is grouping the books with the same category. If they are drama, collect them with drama. If it is a novel, make the novels become one. If it is play, then let them become one, too. If they are children’s literature, collect them and put them in one place. If it is too difficult, you can collect them based on their colors. Because your bookshelf is white, by grouping those by their colors must make your bookshelf more alive.

If you have already had antique white bookshelves, you do not have to repaint them or put the books based on color. You can show your collection on it among the books. It can be mug, souvenirs, statues, flower vases, Barbie dolls, etc. By doing that, even though you have white bookshelves, they won’t look dead and boring.

Your white bookshelves can be decorated by stick some accessories on them or stickers you get when you join an event.  If you have white wood bookcases, you can stick many stickers, accessories, or nametags where you are included to be the committee to show your achievement. You can put some certificates that have been famed on the top the bookshelf or the cup as the achievement.


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