Desk Accessories and How They Can Affect Your Productivity

Everyone always wants their office desk organized. This is where the desk accessories can make it happens. There are many desk accessories ideas you can find on the office supplies stores to fit your needs, keeping everything properly sorted and organized for an office desk that is free from clutter. Even so, today we will not focus on what kind of desk accessories set you should have, but also some tips to help you create your clutter-free office desk to boost your productivity.

Before you start shopping for desk accessories, always begin your desk re-organization by purging it. It can take anywhere from a few hours to the whole day, depending on the condition andsize of your office. And when you’re ready, it’s always important to create a place so you can catch the incoming junks that frequently flow into the office: (1) Important documents; (2) Items to keep, such as jacket and umbrella; and (3) Trash. The catch-it space must be placed in the most obvious area of the office and should have: (1) A tray for documents; (2) A shelf, box, or hooks to keep important items; and (3) Trashcan—the bigger the trashcan is, the better.

Keep the desk free from clutter by organizing your documents accordingly. Consider buying at document trays to put on the desk. These desk accessories should be used to separate new and opened documents, which both require immediate progress. This is actually a very simple way to organize your office desk, yet it works effectively to eliminate paper clutter.

It is always important for your desk accessories not to end up cluttering the space instead. You can do this by placing the right accessories at the right spot. Start from dividing the desk into (1) computer zone and (2) non-computer zone. From this point, you can thus decide which item is suitable for which area. For instance, your colorful page markers will be more useful in non-computer zone and USB desk lamp can be a more suitable accessory to be placed in computer area.

But don’t put too many desk accessories on the desk surface. Always have a desk drawer to keep most out of sight while allowing them to be easily grabbed when necessary too. Besides, the drawer can be used to keep your wallet, mobile phone, earphones, and chargers from cluttering the desk. But in the end, which method to use will always depend on your personal productivity system and preference.


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