Differences between Bay Window and Bow Window

Do you have any idea about the differences between bay window and bow window? Both bay window design and bow window design look very similar. Besides, both of them make our interior looks bigger and feel freer. Bay and bow windows are capable to make our interior looks brighter and increase the glamour of our interior at once. But you must know that bow window and bay window are not same. There are some things that differentiate bow window from bay window. Here they are.

The very first thing that makes bay window different from bow window is the openings. Bay windows only have three openings but bow window has more openings than bay windows. Usually, bow window comes in four openings or five openings. The structure of bow window and bay window is different too. The structure of bay window consists of one picture window that’s accompanied by two smaller windows. But the structure of bow window is curved. This structure creates rounded appearance when you see it from the outside.

Which one between bow window and bay window is the better one for your house? Bay window that has flat planes and angular lines looks contemporary. This bay window will be awesome for houses that have modern architecture. But if your house is a Victorian house, bow window is much better for it since it has semi circular structure that perfects the exterior of your Victorian style house. Have you figured out which window type is the better one for your home?

Beautiful Bay Window versus Wonderful Bow Window

Each window type has advantages and disadvantages. Bay window for example, it is able to add extra floor space inside your house. Bow window will not give you the same extra spaces. But bow window lets more sunlight to come to your interior through more glass of the window. Bay window allows less sunlight to come in since bay window has less glass compared to bow window.

No matter what kind of window you’re about to install on your walls, just be sure you get the right treatment for your window. Both bay window and bow window will be more impressive with curtains. If you can’t find the right curtains for your bow window, consider the other bow window treatments like blinds that are simpler but yet adorable for your interior. Even though blinds are simpler, they are able to provide extra privacy for everyone inside.


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