Different Installation Steps for Different Ceiling Hooks Hardware

Supporting the interior décor by adding some hanging decorative items is a good idea for a small home. It is recommended when there is no more space on the floor to add some things and when you do not want to disturb the wall look by adding more stuff. Then, you can install ceiling hooks to hang lights or plants. This idea looks simple, but you need to make sure that you install the hooks on the right spots so that they can be supportive for a longer time.

Besides the ceiling hooks should be supported with strong hardware, they should be also made from light but strong materials. The hardware where the hook is secured must be strong enough so that it can hold more weight. To hold heavier stuff, you need to consider steel material. Stainless steel hook will be better in look. However, if you only need to display some light in weight features, wooden hook or adhesive hook will be enough. The adhesive one seems to be simpler in use and maintenance.

Ceiling Hooks Installation

Before the installation of ceiling hooks, you need to firstly consider the weight of anything that you will hang from the hooks. For examples, when you want to have ceiling hooks for plants, you need also consider the weight when the plants are watered. Don’t make a failure after you water the plant and let the vase fall down. If you want to apply ceiling hooks for chandeliers, don’t let they break the lamps. Then, you need also to consider the installation hardware that you need. Different hardware will need different treatment and can hold different things.

If you already determine the hardware and you will install the ceiling hooks on wooden ceiling, you need to do these steps. Locate the wood strapping by using stud finder. Before you drill the wood, make sure that you use the drill with smaller diameter then the insert. Then, set the insert to the hook. Twist this hook into the hole and make sure that the hook is strong enough to hold your thing. Try to pull it out and if the hook stay on the ceiling, it is safe for you to hang your stuff.

These steps will be different from these other steps in installing ceiling hooks in wallboard. You can use toggle method and it looks simpler than installing the hooks on joists or strapping. Find the best spot to install the hook. Then, directly drill to create a hole measuring around ½ inch. Next, insert the toggle by squeezing the nut wings and press the toggle until it is completely inserted. Finally, bear off the swage so that the base is fitted to the ceiling.


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