DIY Reclaimed Wood Dining Table

As we all know, there are many options you can consider buying when it comes to dining room table. The options vary from price range, design style, material, size, and shape. As for today, we will take you to appreciate and explore the beauty and function of reclaimed wood dining table, which can provide a greener solution for your nature and environment. Even better, reclaimed wood dining table DIY is also highly possible, which can allow you to save money while having fun with your skills in your carpentry.

The reclaimed wood dining table is made from reclaimed or salvaged woods that are often obtained from the ruins of old buildings and homes. It makes the reclaimed wood dining table set to have a history, quality, character, and heft you will not ever find in any new stock dining room table you can buy from local home center or lumberyard. The vintage beams, boards, and joists were originally cut from trees growing slowly in the forests, competing for nutrients and sun. It makes the woods are typically denser and harder.

If you decide to build your own reclaimed wood dining table, you will be definitely relieved. Luckily, reclaimed wood today can be bought easily and even cheaper in some cases, following the rising price of new hardwood varieties. You may expect to pay between $2 to $20 per linear foot, depending on the dimension and type of the wood. The price is also determined by where you shop for the woods. Reuse centers usually sell old wood as if it is at a discount price, but it is common for buyers to contend with grime, nails, and splinters. Consider buying from dealers that are specializing in vintage lumber instead. Even though they charge more, you can benefit from a wider selection of wood to buy, including re-milled wood that is ready to use.

When you make your own reclaimed wood dining table, there are many tutorials out there you can find. Luckily, making a DIY salvaged wood dining room table is actually easier than you may have thought before. Just remember that you will be required to have sufficient skill in carpentry. And don’t forget about safety in work too.

Aside from reclaimed wood dining table, you can also build other kind of table depending on your need. This includes living room coffee table, bedside table or nightstand, and office desk for your workspace at home. Again and again, salvaged wood table makes an interesting choice for you to furnish a room in a more unique way.


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