Dual Flush Toilet: Powerful Flush, Less Water

dual flush toilet in basementInnovation applied in the toilet is not only because of the user’s comfort but also to save energy and even water. As water conservation always becomes an issue, toilet manufacturers think hardly to find the new solution to save more water without reducing the power of the toilet flush. Finally, dual flush toilet is introduced for this purpose. There are many advantages of this toilet as it has two handles or buttons to flush the waters in different levels as you need. It is effective and efficient.

Based on the dual flush toilet reviews, you will love this toilet than the conventional design since this dual flush toilet can save both money and water. You will use the water as you need it. You can manage it. So, as the result you can save much more money due to the lower price of the water bill. Every one of you should like hearing this new as you will not only save the earth but also save your pocket.

Based on another review of dual flush toilet, the users can save even up to $99 for each year for the water bill. But indeed, it doesn’t mean the power of the flush is weak. It is because of the siphon jet performance that is installed to this toilet. There is WaterSense system that can ensure to use 20% less water compared with the standard toilet design.

Dual flush toilet is also very easy to use. That is because of the innovative new dual-tone. The dual flush toilet mechanism is more effective and efficient compared with other toilet designs that use single flush. You just need to push the button as you need then the water will flush the bowl. If you pick it with a handle, then you just need to adjust the handle to the position you want. If it has been clean, then you can stop the button or back the handle to the previous position.

Dual flush toilet has very excellent design and style. If you have a modern home design or even contemporary bathroom interior design, then this toilet looks perfect. You will love the excellent design that provides the current style. All in all, toilet with dual flush can be a recommended alternative for you who want to save the environment, at the same time save your budget. No more wasting water with this double flush toilet.


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