Easy DIY Bungee Chair Tutorial

A bungee chair can replace the traditional backrest and seat design. The rows of bungee cords create a seating surface to gently flex for comfort. From bungee chair review, you can read if the comfort is due to the ability of the chair to automatically from to the body of the chair user, yet you need to be aware of bungee chair weight limit. But do you know that you can make by yourself?

First, buy either new or used metal chair, especially one with open-frame design. Avoid chairs with solid metal seats or backs. Folding lawn chairs, office chairs with fabric upholstery, or metal papasan chair work for your DIY bungee chair. Then strip the chair down to the metal frame. Use a heavy-duty scissors to cut off the backrest fabric. But if the chair is a padded seat with wood base, use a drill or screwdriver to remove the screws from underside and lift off the seat. Sand down rough spots that could cut into the bungee cords.

Measure the width of the seat and backrest of the chair between the side supports. Mark the area you will cover with bungee cords using masking tape, and then measure the height. Measure the depth of the chair seat too. When buying bungee cord for bungee chair, buy one for every inch of height to cover the backrest. To cover the seat, buy one cord for each inch of depth and one for each inch of width. The bungee cords are ideally about 3 inches smaller than the depth or width.

Mark the spot of every bungee cord at 1 inch intervals on the sides, back, and front of the seat, as well as on either side of the chair backrest. Measure the diameter of the hooks for bungee cord. Choose a drill bit that is a bit larger. Install it on a drill, and create a hole through the bungee chair frame at every mark. Drill through one side if the chair has tubular frame.

Last step for your DIY bungee chair is to make the backrest and seat. It is a simple step as you will only need to create weave. Start at the top of backrest first and work with vertical bungee cord. When you are done, continue with the horizontal bungee cords on the seat. It is important to continue weaving the other cords in similar fashion so you can create a strong woven seat for the chair to use comfortable.


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