Easy Steps to Install Tongue and Groove Ceiling

Some expensive cabinets are made of multiple tongue and groove method. It is a method to fit some objects, such as wood planks, together edge to edge. Not only for cabinet, some constructions such as flooring, ceiling and paneling are completed in this method. Tongue and groove ceiling, for example, is usually connecting some wood panels to be one unit of wooden board for ceiling. It looks great when some different tones or patterns are gathered in one ceiling.

In addition, before plywood is so popular, tongue and groove assembly method was also applied for sheathing buildings. Some concrete formwork constructions are also completed with this concept. The concept is simply assembling the tongue (a plank with deep ridge) and the groove (a plank with a slot). This method does not need glue because the joint is tight enough without being glued. It is also to make the construction, such as tongue and groove ceiling, can be more easily taken apart. It looks simple to make the assembly, but you still need the following detail instructions for the best result.

How to Install Tongue and Groove Ceiling

Tongue and groove ceiling installation is not elaborative enough. In installing tongue and groove ceiling, there are some simple steps that you need to take carefully. The first step is attaching the furring strips to the ceiling. Do this carefully because the next steps of the installation will depend on the result. The strips will be the nailers that attach the wooden planks to the ceiling. In attaching the strips, you are better to use any cordless framing nailer.

After the strips are well installed, you can start installing the planks. Remember, you need to start with the groove that faces the wall and the tongue which faces out. Secure the first installation by using framing tool. Then, follow with the next groove that is fitted to the first tongue. Continue this construction of tongue and groove ceiling until you connect some number of planks because you need to secure the planks that you already install. To secure the planks, you need to attach a tapping block to the tongue. Slowly but surely, you should hit the block using a hammer. Be careful, because if you hit the tongue, you can’t interlock it to the next groove.

Continue these steps until the entire ceiling is covered. However, there is an important idea of tongue and groove ceiling to apply when you need to add ceiling lights. It means that from the whole tongue and groove ceiling planks, you need to create some to create some holes. Be sure to measure accurately the location and the measurement of the holes.


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