Essential Facts about Finding the Fittest Ceiling Medallions

Are you looking for the answer of how to install ceiling medallions? Before you know the steps of installing a ceiling medallion, you must first understand how to find the right ceiling medallions for your interior. Usually, ceiling medallion is used to beautify the ceiling of living room or dining room. This special decorative molding is designed to be installed right on ceiling’s center. You’re also allowed to install ceiling medallions on ceiling in other rooms where there are the beautiful crown moldings.

Now, before you buy ceiling medallions for your interior, it is much better for you to check this article first and find out how to find the right one. Is the room where you’ll install ceiling medallions Canada has lighting fixture or you’re about to install lighting fixture together with ceiling medallion? If there will be a chandelier or other lighting fixture on the ceiling where you’ll install the ceiling medallion, your ceiling medallion should be smaller or bigger than the lighting’s outside diameter.

If the ceiling medallions is as big as your lighting’s outside diameter, both ceiling medallion and lighting fixture makes your room looks smaller. Height of your ceiling is also an important thing to consider before you go buy ceiling medallion. Actually, ceiling medallion belongs to rooms that have tall ceilings. But rooms with low ceiling can still get ceiling medallion. There is a rule in finding the right ceiling medallion: the higher your ceiling, the bigger medallion you’ll need. So if your ceiling is low, choose smaller ceiling medallion that looks more proportional.

Hunting the Right Ceiling Medallions for Every Room

The size of your room must be considered too when you’re looking for the right ceiling medallions. The larger the room is, the bigger the ceiling medallion should be. If your room is very long, you must adjust the ceiling medallion with your room’s width instead of with the length of the room. If your dining room is merged with living room but you are planning to install ceiling medallion on the ceiling of dining space, find ceiling medallion that fits the size of your dining space only.

Where will you install the ceiling medallions? This is important since the type of room where you’ll hang the ceiling medallion will affect the medallion you must choose. You can get ceiling medallion that has bigger diameter for the bedroom, dining room, and big entry way. But for bathroom and for small hallway, smaller ceiling medallion with bigger lighting fixture will be awesome.


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