Everything You Have to Know about LED Ceiling Lights

The LED ceiling lights are getting more and more popular to use due to their advantages. The LEDs are known for their usability and versatility as the bulbs can produce lights both in white and colors. If you are planning to use LEDs in your home, either as LED ceiling lights for kitchen or LED recessed ceiling lights, you may need to know the pros and cons of this light bulb option first before making your final decision. Today, we will share some important things you need to know first.

Some of the LEDs are known for their very low power, making them perfect to use as illuminated signs and power buttons. There are also LEDs that have enough power to provide lighting for areas with white lights. Compared to CFLs and incandescent bulbs, the LED ceiling lights, in general, are more durable, versatile, and efficient for various lighting needs at home.

The LED ceiling lights can create more efficient and direct illumination considering how the LEDs produce light. The LEDs send light in certain directions, while CFLs and incandescent lights produce both light and heat in every direction. Therefore, if you use incandescent lights or CFLs recessed light fixtures, it is most likely for you to lose as much as 50 percent of the light within the light fixture without shining out to generate illumination. Apart from that, the diodes that are present in LED lighting can create efficient light without producing any heat. Keep in mind that CFL light bulbs generate UV light from the electric current that moves through the tube.

The LED light bulbs are also more durable in general. Compared to incandescent bulbs and CFLs, the LED ceiling lights tend to not to break under normal use. The LEDs also benefit you from their long life span, which can reach over than 60,000 hours—while the similar incandescent light bulbs can only last 1,000 hours. One LED bulb generates the same wattage as 60 incandescent bulbs, and with much more inexpensive price to compare.

Even so, it does not mean there is no any potential issue regarding the use of LED ceiling lights. Over time, lighting LEDs with a poor design may start flickering, changes in color, becoming dim, and even providing uneven illumination. However, the solution is pretty simple and you can prevent those from occurring: Always choose LED bulbs with Energy Star rating.


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