Fabulous Interior with Cathedral Ceiling or Vaulted Ceiling

So, are you interested to decorate one or some rooms in your home with vaulted ceiling or cathedral ceiling? Cathedral ceiling is an awesome architectural feature for our interior. Unfortunately, it is a little hard to decorate a room with amazing vaulted ceiling. Actually, cathedral ceiling and vaulted ceiling is not totally same. Vaulted ceiling doesn’t have the sloping sides that are equal while cathedral ceiling usually has two sloping sides that are equal and meet right at the center point.

Even though some vaulted ceiling has sloping sides, both sloping sides usually are unequal. Some vaulted ceiling even only has one sloping slide. That’s the only difference between vaulted ceiling and cathedral ceiling. That difference is not too visible so that people usually misunderstand both of them. But actually, the difference between vaulted ceiling and cathedral ceiling is not so important. So let us move on and get the cons and the pros of cathedral ceiling and vaulted ceiling.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Vaulted Ceiling

First thing first, we must know the pros or advantages of vaulted ceiling before we choose one between the amazing vaulted ceiling design ideas for our interior. There are at least three benefits we’ll get from installing cathedral ceiling. First benefit is this cathedral ceiling will make our room; especially the small one feels more spacious and looks bigger. If you have a room that looks dark because of small window or limited lighting fixture, make your room looks brighter by using cathedral ceiling.

Or, if your room has less decoration and looks boring, adding vaulted ceiling will be a great idea since this cathedral ceiling makes a room that looks standard becomes much more interesting. Those are three benefits of cathedral ceiling. Now, let us see cathedral ceiling’s cons. Even though vaulted ceiling looks gorgeous, it may be hard for this ceiling to provide intimate and cozy feeling. Besides, it is also a little bit hard for us to find the right decorations that will blend with this cathedral ceiling.

Which one is better for your home between vaulted ceiling and cathedral ceiling? If you want to make your room looks more spacious and taller, get the ceiling that has two sloping sides that are equal. This makes a small and low room looks taller and bigger. Vaulted ceiling with only one sloping side or two sloping sides that unequal goes well with bigger room.


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