Flush Mount Ceiling Light Basics and Buying Guide

A flush mount ceiling light refers to a light fixture that is typically dome shaped and mounted flush to the ceiling. Compared to semi-flush mount ceiling light, the flush mount ceiling light fixture is less decorative and leaves only a little, or even no, gap between the base of the fixture and the ceiling surface. When you are buying the flush mount light fixture, the size of the fixture will depend on the size of the room. On average, flush mount light fixture’s width ranges from 12 to 24 inches wide.

Versatility is one ultimate advantage you can benefit from installing a flush mount ceiling light in the room. The fixture can fit really well either in formal or casual interiors, as well as in rooms with low ceilings to supply the space with ambient light. Therefore, you will never find it difficult to make sure that the flush mount light fixture can fit in bedroom, living room, bathroom, hallway, entry foyer, kitchen, or even pantry.

When you are shopping for new flush mount ceiling light to install in the room, you have limitless options to choose. For example, you can pick the fixture to buy based on the choice of its covers or shades. The wide-ranging options of flush mount ceiling light covers will ensure you that you have a new ceiling light fixture that can not only provide the ambient light, but also match the interior and decor theme of the room perfectly.

Either glass or fabric is available to choose when you are shopping for new flush mount ceiling light by considering the shade or cover material. You can also look up the lighting tips and ideas to find one that can best suit the room where the light fixture is going to be installed. For instance, a glass dome shade is usually used in a hallway, foyer, or closet. Alternatively, opt for flush mount light fixture with wood paneling or metal filigree for living room, bedroom, or dining room as the extra flair can improve the room visually at the same time.

Last but not least, think about the light bulbs to complement the flush mount ceiling light. Things such as lumens, wattage, and color temperature all play a role in the quality of light of the room. LEDs and CFLs have a lower wattage and can produce the same output as incandescent bulbs so they can reduce energy costs.


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