Get to Know Modern Rocking Chair History

When we are tired after having lesson or going home from work, all we want is taking a rest in a comfortable place. It can be our bedroom where we can lay on the bed, or we can just take a nap on the sofa. Well, they are the ways that many adults and youngsters love. What about our grandfather and grandmother? They will have different idea on where to waste their time lazily after doing some work. Then, rocking chair is the best option. Talking about rocking chair, it actually has historical story in which it was started from the first time it was used to the modern rocking chair now we know.

From 1700s Rocking Chair to Modern Rocking Chair

The first rocking chair before going to modern rocking chair is Windsor English rocking chair that was made around 1700s. Well, it is not small modern rocking chair, indeed. It is quite tall at the back part of the chair. This kind of rocking chair was made and showed firstly in England’s Winsor Castle. When it was first made, it was supposed to be the chair that was put in the garden or in the couch, or even outside of the home. People could sit on it and spend their time lazily and they were relaxing themselves. At that time, it was made by wood since the stock of wood at that time was so abundant.

Coming to the 18 Century, there were so many kinds of various Windsor’s rocking chairs. Take for example the Windsor comb-back rocker in which the back rest of the chair was like the gaps in the comb. Then, though it is not kind of modern rocking chair, it almost came to the modern era. It was Kennedy rocking chair. At the first time, it was not named as Kennedy, but it was Carolina. But, because of Kennedy’s popularity, it was then named as Kennedy rocking chair.

It was because Kennedy that was diagnosed to have backache, so he had to use rocking chair in order to make him more comfortable than using usual chair. He enjoyed the chair so much so that in his entire life, he had more than 14 rocking chairs. Some people believe that the one he had was put in Air Force One and rather than being famous for modern rocking chair, it was kind of contemporary rocking chair.

The next is Shaker rocking chair that was made around 1820. Different from modern rocking chair, it was made classically by religious group in America called the Shakers. Then the rocking chair develops more until now there is baby modern rocking chair as new type of rocking chair.


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