Get to Know Papasan Chair

A papasan chair is also renowned as a bowl chair, referring to a large rounded chair in bowl shape with an adjustable angle that is similar to one of a futon. Usually, the bowl sits in an upright frame that is traditionally made of rattan. Even so, wood or sturdy wicker frame for papasan chair base is also sometimes found. It is unknown when the chair was actually invented as natives in Japan and Philippines have been using the chair for centuries, long before American soldiers noticed them during WW II.

The papasan chair cushion is typically thick velveteen material and is filled with cotton fluff. Traditional papasan chair has removable cushion and is often used outdoors with sturdy frame and base. Even so, the chair is hand-wash only. The dimension of the chair is typically 35 to 60 inches wide and 35 inches deep. It was famous in the West during 1970’s due to some advantages the homeowners benefited from.

First of all, papasan chair is comfortable. The large and circular cushion can fit even a curled-up position. It is also thick enough so that the frame does not poke through to create discomfort on the occupant. The size of the cushion can accommodate people of most sizes, including larger people. For even more comfort, there is also a chair called as mamasan chair that is twice as wide.

Versatility is also one advantage the papasan chair offers. The base of the chair consists of a large circle sitting on the floor, in addition to a smaller one placed at the top. They are connected by a series of vertical supports. The circles are open, creating a design that allows occupant to shift the position of the cushion and frame. You can sit up comfortably by pushing back the frame, so that it rests off-center in the chair base. But if you want to curl up, enjoy total support on all sides by positioning the frame centered on the chair base.

Next is stability. Even though the frame of papasan chair can be freely positioned, it will not compromise the stability of the chair. Just be sure you do not move too much and position the frame so it is placed centered on the chair base. And last but not least, the cushion of the chair can be pulled off the frame. It can be used as an extra bed or floor cushion if necessary.


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