Give Your Father Drawer File Cabinet Put in His Office Room

Do not only think that drawer file cabinet is only put in the some offices, hospital, schools, or in the working place. Well, yes, it functions traditionally for office purpose, but you can buy this cabinet to be a gift for your father. As an office worker, or a business, or maybe a lecturer or teacher, he must need this kind of cabinet. But, what design or what model you need for him?

 Lateral File Cabinet, Vertical File Cabinet, and Mobile File Cabinet

There are three types of designs for drawer file cabinet. The first is lateral file cabinet. It is available in some units of drawers such as 2, 3, 4, and even 5. This type of cabinet has multiple depths and widths. When you have this type of cabinet, you will position your files side to side in the drawers. Lateral file cabinet can use more space of wall but it does not require more area to extend the drawers.

The second type is vertical file cabinet. It is the opposite of the lateral one. It comes in legal-size or letter-size. Just like the lateral one, it is also available in 2, 3, 4, and 5 units of drawers. Usually, some business offices use this type of drawer file cabinet in the size of 22, 25, 26.5, and 28.5 inch deep. There are also smaller size foe small home business, such as 18 and 22 inch depths. They usually do not use more than 4 drawer file cabinet. Different from the lateral one that uses more wall space, it uses less space of wall. However, it requires more space to extend the drawer.

The last type of drawer file cabinet is mobile file cabinet. It is designed to be easily rolled under commonly standard height of surface of desk. Different from lateral and vertical file cabinet, it is only available in 2 drawer file cabinet or 3. It is also available in multiple depths. This is quite different since what accommodate the letter width files that are positioned front to back in the drawer are the units themselves. Some drawer cabinets offer several varieties available for both small home business and big business industry.

To complete your drawer file cabinet, it is good to consider some features for it. For instance, you can think of suspension, drawer extension, lock, posting shelf, binder storage, hidden or visible casters, counterweights, high-drawer sides, etc. well, good luck to choose which one is suitable for your father’s gift!


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