Glass Cabinet Doors for a Sparkling Cabinet in Your Kitchen

Do you think you need new cabinet doors? Well, or maybe you want to replace the doors with using glass? Glass cabinet doors can be a good choice for the new look of your cabinet kitchen. However, what kind of glass you need for your cabinet kitchen? Is that seeded? Or textured, or frosted? Well, you can consider them now.

To set your kitchen better in a new look, cabinet is something that needs to consider. You can have antique cabinet in your kitchen if you want. What about the doors? You might think that you want to replace the doors with glass cabinet doors because it will support the look of what is inside the cabinet. Then, you have to decide what style of glass you want to choose to replacement glass for kitchen cabinet doors. There are at least three styles of glass used to replace the cabinet doors. The first is seeded, the second is textured, and the last is frosted. But, what are the differences among those three styles of glass? Which one is better? Well, it depends on your need and interest.

The first style is seeded. When we are talking about seeded glass, we will go back to the colonial time. These glass front cabinet doors can support vintage look for your cabinet in the kitchen. As the name given to it, this style of glass cabinet doors has tiny and small bubbles. But, there are some that have large bubbles, too. If you want to make the things like plate, glass, and other things inside it seen from the outside, it’s better to choose the smaller bubbles. Usually, the quality is good with its wavy quality it offers. It is suitable for a traditional kitchen, Shaker, and a cottage since it has old-fashioned nuance and hand-crafted look.

The second style is textured. It can appeal the eye appealing. As what it sounds like, this kind of glass cabinet doors has molded or embossed glass intended for tactile or visual appeal. Textured style can be patterned, ribbed, grooved, beveled, and pebbled. It is very famous and most wanted because it can blunt the inner part of cabinet flotsam’s outline.

The last style of the types of glass for cabinet doors is frosted. It is very identical with modernity and well, yeah, it is suitable with it. It is glass cabinet doors that are blasted with sand. It can be blasted with grit, too, in order to achieve a good translucent quality. The way this style works is in which it screens the things inside in fronts.


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