Great Tips to Choosing Window Curtains Fabrics and Color

Choosing the right window curtains is not about randomly picking any fabrics with colors and/or patterns and then hanging them above your windows. In fact, there are many important considerations when you are shopping for window curtains and drapes. Today, we will focus our discussion only on the choice of fabrics and color to meet your needs, whether they are the window curtains for living room or for bedroom.

In fact, when you are buying window curtains, you have to set aside style considerations—only for a moment, though. Always put function first to limit your choices. Assess your needs and what you expect from using the curtains. For example, if you wish for total darkness in nursery or total privacy for a bedroom, lined curtains will be the appropriate choice. On the other hand, unlined curtains are appropriate if you don’t mind with light entering the room through the fabrics. Lining indeed is more expensive, but it can help make curtains last longer.

When you are choosing fabric for window curtains, consider the right choice of texture. This will depend on the mood set on the room. Formal room will find heavy silk or velvet a suitable choice. Those options are also an excellent insulator, but remember they’re supposed to be dry-cleaning only. If you prefer the more practical and washable curtains, consider cotton sateen or rayon blends. Billowy linen and crinkly crushed velvet are good to create casual mood. Cotton, cotton blends, wool blends, and season-less wood can work with any decor type.

For the choice of window curtains color, decide if you want them to top or to blend with the decoration. If you want the color to blend, choose curtains with the same tone as the room wall, but a few shades darker. Alternately, pick a non-dominant subtle color in your room, such as a soft shade cued from the rug. But if you want the color to pop, bold color will always work as it can act like an exclamation point. When choosing color, keep in mind that the spot where the sun shines through the unlined curtains, the colors will fill the room.

Choosing the prints and patterns for window curtains can be done by following the simple rule of thumb: Use patterns or prints on curtains only when the furniture or bedding in the room has solid colors. The choice of print can also determine the look of the room. For example, large and graphic print in color can be spectacular.


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