Hallway Table to Surprise Your Guests

Do you think you are little bit bored with your living room look? Maybe, hallway table can help you solve your problem. This kind of table is usually not big or large. Because it is intended to be placed in the hallway, and you know that a hallway in a home is not large, so hallway table should be small, low and thin. Usually, it is placed right to the next of the wall.

Well, commonly hallway table is the table that is placed in the door entrance, too. If you think that you need to make your hallway look more beautiful with interior furniture, it is the best option. You can imagine, when your guests are coming, they are welcomed by beautiful look of your home hallway. This interior can be called as entry table, too. You do not have to place a lot of things on it. As it is placed near a door entrance, it cannot function properly. Instead, it is more decorative. What makes it decorative is that you have to put as few as things on it like a statue, a picture, or a flower vase.

Another type of hallway table is Console table. It is a table that functions as the way a table in the hallways, too. But, if you do not want to place it in the hallway or right after entrance door, you can place it in the living room. It is better to place it in the room that not many people walk by or pass by. As the way a hall way table works, it is not recommended to place a lot of things on the console table.

Well, there are two types of this kind of hallway table. The one that has storage drawers and console hallway table that does not have them. The drawers are not as many as apothecary drawer has. It is only four to six drawers. The drawers are commonly used to decorate the table instead of functioned to store things.

If you think you want to use your console hallway table as decoration, put one or two pictures on it, or a small statue. Well, if you place it right after the entrance door, it will be good if you add a mirror above it. Do not choose small mirror, but do not choose a very large, too. Medium size of mirror will be better. It functions for your guests. When they come to your home, they can look at their appearance first. Well, big thing such as big aquarium is not recommended to be placed there. Instead, you can put the small one.


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