How to Remove Stains from Your Toilet Seat

Keeping your toilet clean is absolutely a must, considering the use of the space as a place to keep you clean and sanitized. However, spotting stains developing on your toilet seat is not something unusual. You can clean the toilet seat coversor toilet seat riserswith vinegar, bleach, or lemon to eliminate the stains. There are stubborn stains that are harder to remove even with those solutions, especially stains on the under part of the seat. Luckily, it is not an impossible task to do, though.

Prepare the cleaner you need to get rid of the stains. Choose between bleach, soft scrub, bathroom cleaner, or baking soda. You will also need water, sponge or scrub brush, and rubber gloves to clean the toilet seat too. A bucket or large bin can be used too, but it’s an optional.

Fill the large bin or bucket with three parts water and one part cleaner you choose to clean the toilet seat. We use bleach for this article. Next is to remove the seat from your toilet and then submerge it into the bleach solution prepared before. Let it soak for a few minutes. But be careful if your seat is colored as you may want it to not have any adverse effects from the use of the solution. You can be sure by testing a small area first.Wear the gloves and start scrubbing the stains awayusing a sponge or scrub brush. You can use other cleaning product to eliminate the tough stains much easier and more effective in conjunction with other cleaners. Repeat the scrubbing and soaking until the stains are finally removed.

Alternatively, you can use baking soda to cover the stained area of the toilet seat, and then scrub using a moistened scrubbing sponge. Consider applying other commercial cleaner products to the stains for more effective process and result too, but remember to follow the manufacturer’s instruction. If you use abrasive scrubbing sponge, don’t put too much pressure as it can damage the surface.

When you are done and the stains are finally removed from the toilet seat, rinse completely and allow the seat to dry, and then reinstall. Do regular cleaning using bathroom cleaner or natural cleaner, including disinfecting and sanitizing wipes. And if you have tried many cleaning tips and nothing works, you may need to consider replacing the seat for a much more practical solution.


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