Important Considerations before Installing a Sliding Barn Door

While it’s true that installing sliding barn door can always add unique and appealing design element in your home, there are some important things you must ask yourself first before making your final decision. First of all, consider if you have the sufficient structural stability. Even though the door offers a parallel diffusion of weight across its header, the point load for sliding barn door track, door, and hardware will be on the frame exterior. For sliding barn door DIY, it’s always important to know if the door you’ve chosen is too heavy for the track system it’s about to use.

Think about what you wish to cover up. Remember the sliding barn door doesn’t lie flush with the opening. In fact, it hovers over the opening on its exterior track. While the barn door completely covers the opening, it doesn’t seal it the way any typical door dose. This causes any small gap to possibly preset between the drywall and the door. If you need privacy, such as using the door to cover bathroom, be sure you get the best possible contact between door and door frame.

Next thing is think is the look you are pursuing. Many homeowners love sliding barn door showing rustic appeal with weathered wood for door slab. Others may prefer the look of barn door with etched glass slider. Regardless of what you prefer in style, be sure the door can add to the overall appeal of the room rather than detracting from it.

Consider the size of the hardware too. It is important to use placement and scale to vary your style statement. Remember that hardware can always set sliding barn door apart from another. Decide if you want to install the rollers on the exterior or interior of the door, as the placement will affect the overlap between the walls and doors when closed. Think about the door pulls design too. If the barn door is meant to be opened and closed frequently, the pull design should allow the person to open or close the door easily.

Last but not least, keep in mind that installing sliding barn door isn’t a project that doesn’t require a few sacrifices. It’s important to know and understand that a sliding door system to install is something you will wish to live with for a long time to come rather than only for a few months ahead. Therefore, make your door selections with that in your mind.


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