Inspiring Kitchen Ceiling Lights Tips to Optimize the Illumination

Today, we will shade some tips to help you optimize your kitchen ceiling lights. As we all know, there are many kitchen ceiling lights ideas you can look up, especially when it comes to the choice of light fixture to install. When it comes to kitchen lighting, though, aesthetics isn’t the priority. Depending on how you and your family use the space, remember that your kitchen is most likely to be the most hardworking room in your house. With many functions it serves, proper kitchen lighting should be able to accommodate them all.

It goes without saying that planning is always important in any project, including in your kitchen ceiling lights update. In a kitchen, a well-lit area is important for safety. The lighting can create ambience, as well as to provide task and decorative or accent lighting. The key to good lighting in a kitchen is to incorporate a cast of lighting sources and to layer the lights. And do not forget to check if natural light as part of kitchen lighting plan if it is abundant.

Don’t blindly install as many kitchen ceiling lights as possible to cover the light for the sake of ‘optimum kitchen lighting’. The number of light fixtures, in fact, greatly depends on the size, look, and layout of your kitchen. They are also a factor in determining the placement of lighting fixture. These two things are also important in kitchen lighting plan and should be decided during the phase.

Task lighting is ideally to cover over the cooking surface, over the counters, at the sink, and over any other work surface of table. The kitchen ceiling lights for task lighting should be hung about 30 inches above a table, island, or peninsula, but they can be hung higher if people using the kitchen are taller or the fixtures are installed over certain area such as a cooktop or a raised surface. As for recessed lights for ambience, they should be spaced 24 to 42 inches apart and work to illuminate the whole room.

It is also important to ensure the kitchen ceiling lights to install and use can help you saving money from energy bills. Even so, using the kitchen ceiling lights LED isn’t the only option. Start from the simplest thing: Use white as much as possible in your kitchen. The color reflects light, thus you can lower the wattage or even reduce the number of fixtures without sacrificing the needs for a well-lit kitchen.


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