Installing Storm Door for Your Front Door

What is storm door? It is a door that is installed just rightly in front of the exterior or front home door. This type of door is installed to protect the main door from a bad weather as well as let natural light and fresh air enter the home. So, it also allows ventilation. Therefore, this door commonly used glass for the visibility as well as protects the home from insects too. This door also comes in some types and sizes. The storm door sizes are larger than the size the front door as it will full cover the front door.

So, by installing this storm door, you front door can be well protected. You may just need time to open and close or lock the door when you are going to enter or exit the home. You need to open and close two doors; front door and storm door. It is not a matter as your front door can be well protected. You just need to pick this door with the right material. There are some popular materials that are used to build this door. And you just need to know how install storm door.

First material is wood. Wood is said as the original material that is used to build storm door at the first time. Here, it means the door will use wood as the frame of the door and sure the center of the door is still using glass. Although it is as the first original material used and it is also visually more appealing to other materials, wooden screen or frame doors are still controversial as you need to paint the door rightly to protect it from the weather too. It can be durable or not depending on what coat you apply.

Then, you will see aluminum as the second option of the material of storm door. The main advantage of aluminum screen door here comparing with wood is about the corrosion resistance. Aluminum will never get corroded. It is lighter and also does not need to be frequently painted to protect it from the weather or elements. You have more options too here for the thickness of the door. Just pick the right thickness as you want or need.

The last material used to build storm door is PVC and fiberglass. This material can be said as the best one due to the corrosion resistance even comparing with aluminum. This material can be molded to get the look of the wood grain to provide a wonderful appearance of storm wood that is made of wood. Just read more pros and cons of each material before purchasing.


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