Ironing Board Cabinet Designs for Organized Laundry Rooms

Just like clothes hanger rack, the ironing board is one of the must-have items in any home which can turn to be inconvenient when it’s not used. Thankfully, there is ironing board cabinet you can exploit as a solution to deal with this issue. Starting from ironing board cabinet with storage to space-savvy ironing board cabinet wall mounted, ironing board that is an extension of a cabinet appears like a far better choice than wasting space with a freestanding one, right?

The design for ironing board cabinet varies, and it can be as creative as you wish to be. For example, built-in ironing board can stay hidden from the eye when it is not used inside dummy drawers you install in your laundry room. Reveal it only when you need to use it. For this design, you will have to use special hardware during installation. Alternately, consider a pull-out ironing board with practical and simple design if you want to focus on saving space. One thing you have to remember is that this kind of design is not as strong as the freestanding one.

The best thing about compact and pull-out ironing board is if you are not the type who irons everything. A compact ironing board cabinet is also a suitable choice for homeowners who have like a ton of shirts and do not have plenty of space to waste. You can fit it easily in the closet conveniently without adding something bulky to make the small space more cramped. But if you have space issue too, don’t stick with laundry room when installing pull-out ironing board. Kitchen can make a great place too!

Even so, pull-out ironing boards do not have to be small just because they are built into laundry cabinetry, making an awesomely space-saving ironing board cabinet. If you prefer a full-size ironing board and your space can afford it, then go for it! A full-size ironing board that is squeezed inside a small drawer can make a significant difference especially if you iron many shirts every day.

But if you only occasionally use the ironing board, a bulky ironing board cabinet will be a less practical choice, no matter how plenty of room you can afford. It is much better to be both efficient and space considerate at the same time and tailor your laundry room to fit your lifestyle appropriately. Therefore, using your laundry room can be highly convenient.


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