Keeping Your Mirrored Side Table Sparkling

Mirrored home furnishings, including your mirrored side table, can add a stylish touch to any space in addition to sophistication and sparks. This kind of furniture is stylishly versatile, as you can use mirrored side table living room as well as for bedroom, even entry hallway. However, there is one big concern about the mirrored furniture: You need to dedicate certain amount of effort and time to keep the furniture piece looking good and shiny from time to time.

Therefore, proper maintenance, cleaning, and care are essential even for your mirrored side table. Once a week, always make sure you have time to dust your mirrored furniture piece. A layer of dust always dulls a mirror’s sheen. Use a soft cloth such as microfiber towel that will not leave lint flecks or scratch the surface and finish. Aside from dusting, make sure you polish the furniture piece too. Get rid of fingerprints, smudges, and any marks with a mirror-safe glass cleaner and a soft cloth. Don’t spray the cleaner directly onto the furniture piece. Rather spray it onto the cloth instead.

Once a month, it is important to check for scratches and chips. Remember that your mirrored side table is susceptible to dings. When you spot a flaw, you can thus have the table professionally repaired. Check if there are any jagged or sharp objects present which can nick or scrape the finish if they accidently to fall on the furniture piece or get dragged over it.

Ongoing maintenance is also important for your mirrored side table. Whenever you spot any spills, mop them up immediately as they can mar the finish if left for too long. You may need to avoid using toiletries near mirrored furniture piece, such as perfume and nail polish, as they can damage the surface over time. Therefore, when you use mirrored side table with drawer for bathroom, use it with extra caution. If you want to move your mirrored table, make sure you use extra caution to avoid chips, scrapes, and breakage.

If your family has little children or pets, you may want to avoid using mirrored side table in living room. Consider placing it in your master bedroom instead, as only God knows what they can do to your mirrored furniture pieces. Avoid using it in any high-traffic rooms as well. Apart from that, avoid the chance of inadvertently banging the mirrored furniture item as you walk into a room or open a closet by not placing the mirrored piece near doors.


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