Kids Ceiling Fans: General Facts and Information

Ceiling fans are still popular in use even though air conditioners now get even more sophisticated and energy saving at the same time. It is especially true in the South. With their reputation for being highly energy efficient and practical, it is actually not surprising seeing many homeowners still favor the fixture to cool their house during hot summer. They can be used even as kids ceiling fans for your child’s room to provide the comfort and breeze even though it’s hot outside.

In general, ceiling fans can help uphold a constant temperature in the room, thus preventing the heater or AC from working too hard. Therefore, the kids ceiling fans to install can help save energy. As windows open, the kids room ceiling fans circulate the fresh air. Typically, ceiling fans do not require more than a 100 watt bulb for electricity, reducing up to 40 percent off your energy cost when the fans are used consistently—a friendly solution not only for the planet, but also for your wallet.

The size of the kids ceiling fans to install will depend on the size of the room where they are about to be installed. In general, though, a 36 or 42 inches fans are already appropriate for a smaller room (usually measured around 11 x 11). For larger rooms, though, larger ceiling fans are required and they are usually closer to 52 inches wide in diameter. Be more cautious when you are about to install one for small spaces like offices, apartment-sized kitchens, or pantries.

Basically, though, any size fan is capable of moving around air. However, if you are concerned, you can check the CFM rating or cubic feet of air per minute rate. Apart from that, consider the direction where the kids ceiling fans you plan to install is supposed to turn. Ideally, in the summer, it is best to cool the room with the blades rotate counter clockwise. But in the winter, rotate the blades clockwise by flipping the switch on the motor so the fan can push the warm air into the room.

And it goes without saying that you need to check for the quality of the kids ceiling fans to install. Whether you only want to buy ceiling fans or kids ceiling fans with lights, it’s always recommended to spend more for better quality from reputable manufacturers. It is also a matter of safety, aside from proper installation, so you can prevent any harm from occurring to your child.


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