Laminate Tile Flooring Using Bamboo, Hardwood, or Vinyl

Laminate Tile Flooring is a new invention that has taken the world of surface covering by storm. Many people choose, for example, Ceramic laminate flooring, stone look laminate flooring, etc for laminate tile flooring kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom because of several reasons. The first is because of its easiness to maintain, because it is versatile, it has reasonable price, and it has super material, too.

In Laminate Tile Flooring, there are several materials used. The first is bamboo grass. It can be turned into planks ready for flooring installation. You can check and choose what kind of bamboo is suitable with your need. You must know the difference between hardwood and bamboo for laminating your tile flooring. They might have similar, but bamboo is a type of grass, while hardwood is harvested from trees and lumber. This kind of tile flooring has advantages on protecting the floors from discolorations, stains and water penetration. How about VCT tile flooring then compared to laminating tile flooring with bamboo or hardwood?

The first advantage of VCT Tile that is not possessed by Bamboo or Hardwood Laminate Tile Flooring is that unique characteristic of vinyl in which the surface is very soft compared to wood for flooring. It is the characteristic that differentiate vinyl with other materials. If ceramic will feel cold when you step on it, you won’t feel cold. It’s warmer, even in rainy season. Not only that, vinyl has layers of fabric and foam that make it comfortable when being stepped.

Different from Bamboo or Hardwood Laminate Tile Flooring, VCT Tile has so many choices of colors and patterns. Even, it is made to look like other materials such as wood, ceramic, and stones. You can check, for instance, Armstrong VCT tile distribution in order to look for the newest or the most favorite colors and models of VCT Tile. The next advantage is that it is durable. Compared to other materials, it has durability within more than 20 years. It is also water and stretch resistant. Then, the color is not easily faded, too.

The next advantage is that VCT Tile is antimicrobial. The design is formed with layers that protect the tile form bacteria’s growth. The treatment of VCT Tile is not difficult, too, since it does not need special treatment like waxing or polishing. The last advantage is that it is affordable, even it can be low in price when you want to do VCT tile for your floor. Sometimes, you can get VCT for sale, too. If not, don’t worry because it will only cost $6 TO $20/meters. So, what is your final decision? Bamboo or Hardwood Laminate Tile Flooring or VCT tile flooring for your room?


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