Marvelous Home Office and Dining Room with Wall Mounted Desk

Some people want furniture that’s not only functional but also looks nice. If you are looking for something like that, you may want to add wall mounted desk to your home office. If there is no wall mounted desk at the stores that looks nice for your home office, you can try making one by yourself through your wall mounted desk DIY project. It is not too complicated to build wall mounted desk. Just choose a wall where you’re going to build the wrap around desk.

What is a wrap around desk? It is a wall mounted desk that you can find at some coffee shops and bars. Since you’re about to sit and work in front of your wrap around desk, you’re going to watch the wall while you’re studying or working on the wall mounted desk. Make sure you add something attractive so you will never get bored to stay and work on your wall mounted desk. The attractive thing can be impressive wall art over the desk and also nice stools that keep you feel comfortable while you’re working.

Building Cozy Wall Mounted Desk for Small Interiors

If your home office is too small for wrap around desk, get miniature version of wrap around desk that looks similar to wrap around desk. To create this miniature version, you can mount simple shelf to your home office wall. Just make sure when you mount the simple shelf, you mount it at the right position and height. Both wrap around wall mounted desk and its miniature version will be awesome when they are paired with comfortable bar stool.

Many people who have smaller dining table believe that wall mounted desk is the best solution for their small dining table. If you live with children and teens, this isn’t the best option since everyone will face the wall while enjoying their meal. You will not face your kids and you won’t get a chance to talk with them and make interactions.

So, instead of building wall mounted dining table on the wall of your small dining room, it is so much better to build or purchase foldable dining table or expandable dining table you can expand when you and your whole family members are going to have dinner and then fold the table once you finish using the table to save space. Wall mounted desk may be effective for small space, but not for your family.


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