Massage Chair Buying Tips

Are you currently on the market for new massage chair? Well, having one at home absolutely is a relief so you can relax in total comfort, whether you simply want to lounge by watching TV, having a nice chat with friends who come visiting, or reading. Today, we will share some great tips to help you buying the right chair with the best massage chair pad, either it is massage chair recliner or not.

First of all, the main focus is you. Know what you need first before deciding which massage chair is right for you. Understand what benefits you expect from the chair; do you suffer from neck, back, or lower back problems? Do you have bad blood circulation? What are massage techniques that best fit you: tapping, rolling, shiatsu, or kneading? Do you need foot massages? Those are important questions you have to ask beforehand to help making the right decision.

How you want to use the massage chair is also an important consideration when choosing. For instance, if you simply need to relieve your temporary symptom and use the chair occasionally and for short time span, you may want to opt for the easy to use and less expensive entry-level chair model. On the other hand, for long-lasting performance with many great extras and features, high-end chair models are highly recommended. But remember that they are pricier too.

Speaking of the features of massage chair, it may become an essential aspect especially if you are fervid about technology. Put down on paper what useful features you consider important for you as well as what options you will want on the chair. There are a lot of important decisions to make. Therefore, it is always best to prioritize your options, especially if your budget does not allow you to spend a fortune. There are many features you can find, such as chair with lower body massage functions, music player, and heat, as well as ones with just basic back massage feature.

You may want to compare the warranty and maintenance offered by different massage chair models from different brands. There are some providing only 1 year of warranty, as well as those providing up to 5 years of coverage without any additional cost. Know what type of services the retailer or manufacturer provides for the problems that may arise too. If you’re required to send back the chair to manufacturer, consider how costly it can be. Consider options with home repairing service for more practical solution.


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