Metal Table Legs Advantages and Disadvantages You Should Know

Commonly, people choose furniture that is made of fiber or wood. Nevertheless, there is another type of material that can be used for furniture such as table. It is metal. The kind of metal that is chosen is various. It can be aluminum or stainless steel. For example, you have table that has metal table legs. Of course, this kind of metal furniture has advantages and disadvantages.

The first advantage of metal table legs is that it is more durable and stronger than table made of fiber or wood. It is not easily porous. For example, if you have square metal table legs, you can compare it with wooden table legs. The wooden must be easily porous since termites can live there. While metal, termites will not live there. Thus, it influences the durability of the table, too.

Another advantage is the design of metal furniture looks stronger and dauntless, too. If you choose aluminum for your metal dining table legs, for instance, the impression and the look are elegant and modern. If your metal table legs are made of stainless steel, it will look not only elegant and modern, but also luxurious. Metal furniture, just like wood or fiber furniture can be designed beautifully and more elegant as you wish, too. We can order special and limited edition of metal furniture.

Some people or restaurant also has metal coffee table legs for the tables they have. Besides having advantages, it also has disadvantages, too. Metal is stronger and harder than wood, it means that when you put your metal table legs on the floor, it will make scratch. Floor is the most susceptible for metal furniture. However, you can layer the legs with plastic. Another disadvantage is that if metal furniture is placed outside of the house as in the garden or in the terrace, the paint will easily get peeled.

The last disadvantage is thatmetal table legsare susceptible with the possibility of rusting. If there are rusts on it, clean it as soon as possible by repainting it or sandpapering it. If you wish that the color stays durable and shining, you can use wax to rub it. Wax is cream that is usually used to clean and to make car’s body more shining. Clean and rub it with wax everyday or as often as possible.  If not, you can buy special liquid for cleaning metal furniture in furniture shops. So, have you made up your mind to use metal furniture?


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