Morris Chair: Timeless Looking with Solid Oak

Today, new designs and innovations about chairs for your home are introduced and quickly demanded by the customers or homeowners due to the design, style, and the comfort. But, it doesn’t mean the old chair design that has been known before will be easily replaced. There are many old chair designs with timeless look that is still relevant till today. You will see Morris chair is one of them. This chair has been known since more decades ago. And today, this chair is still beautiful to have.

Indeed, the timeless design of Morris chair makes the chair looks comfortable and beautiful even for today’s trend. This is an armchair that has open padded arms and also has an adjustable back. Arm and adjustable back becomes the brand image of this chair design. Therefore, you will see this Morris chair antique with this distinctive design with the arm and adjustable back. This chair can be placed in your private room or space where you can enjoy your free time to get relaxed or refreshed.

The distinctive design and style of Morris chair makes this chair recognizable. Therefore, either you want to buy this chair from store or ask a professional to build this chair, you can find the chair with the same design and style. It means, if you want to build this chair with your own hands or ask a help of professional, you will easily find the design or concept of how to make this chair beautifully.

Solid oak is the important part here. This Morris chair will not get its perfect look when it has no solid oak as the frame of the chair. Therefore, make sure to buy or make this chair with solid oak as the frame. Solid oak is very durable and has distinctive appearance from the color, pattern and detail. This is what you are better not to ignore about this chair. Solid oak also has its own impression.

Besides that, Morris chair cushions become an important part as there is no Morris chair design without the cushion. Cushion here is for both the seat and the back. You are better finding the best cushion that is comfortable and durable with the right material of the insert such as foam and the right covers either in fabric or leather. See more images of Morris chair then be sure either to buy or make it.


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