Naturals to Clean Glass Windows from Horrible Window Stickers

Window is an important part of both our home and our car. The presence of window allows sunlight and fresh air to get into our home and car. It keeps our interior and our car fresh, healthy, and cozy. Unfortunately, some window stickers for home and car window stickers make the beautiful windows look terrible. If your windows are covered by ugly stickers and you’re about to remove those stickers to let more sunlight pass through the window easily, try using Windex.

First of all, you must prepare razor blade, paper towels, and also Windex. Windex is one of many window cleaner brands we can use to remove window stickers from our glass windows or from our car windows. Use Windex by spraying it to the stickers you want to remove. Now, pull the sticker you want to remove a bit. Continue spraying the Windex and chip right at the sticker using razor blade. When you chip your sticker using razor blade, make sure you do it bit by bit. Repeat the entire steps to remove the entire sticker.

Removing Stained Glass Window Stickers Using Naturals

Windex is not the only material we can use to remove window stickers. As alternative, try using peanut butter to remove stickers from your glass windows and car windows. Just get peanut butter from local store and then spread it on your stickers. Wait and let the peanut butter sit on your sticker. And then take your razor blade to scrape the dried peanut butter off your windows. Yes, this is crazy. But sure, you’ll figure out that peanut butter is excellent to remove stickers from windows.

Ice is another natural we can use to remove our window stickers. Just get ice pack and hold it against your window sticker for several minutes. By cooling your window sticker off, you’ll be able to pull your glass off easily. This concept is similar to using ice to eases us removing gum from our hair.

Isopropyl alcohol that’s also known as rubbing alcohol is another thing we can use to clean our windows from window stickers. By applying alcohol to our window sticker, we’ll let the alcohol strip the adhesive backing of the stickers. Soon, we’ll be able to peel the sticker away from our glass windows easily. That’s all from us. If you have some other ideas to remove stickers from glass windows, both home windows and car windows, please feel free to share those ideas with us here.


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